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Thinking about hiring a baby sleep consultant but unsure of what they do and whether they can actually help you? Let us tell you more about what us baby sleep consultants do.

What Does A Baby Sleep Consultant Do?

A baby sleep consultant can literally change a family’s whole life and mental and physical health. That’s not an overstatement either. When a baby isn’t sleeping, the impact to the child and to the whole family can be debilitating – the sleep deprivation, the short tempers flying around, the broken relationships because there is not time to talk and connect. And I know this from personal experience – we used one before we setup our business and it changed our entire existence as parents in less than 2 weeks. But what do we actually do to change a family’s life so much?

We look at everything related to, and linked to, sleep including the sleep environment, nutrition at a basic level, the daytime routine, the bedtime routine, stimulation and activities, and most importantly, how your infant goes to sleep. If a baby or toddler needs support to get to sleep at bedtime, they will likely need support during the night to get back to sleep, whether that be once or multiple times. A good baby sleep consultant will assess all of these areas and come up with the right plan for your family to make the changes needed to improve sleep for your child, whether that be drastic changes to your routine, little tweaks here and there or the use of a sleep training method. A child can often adapt to new behaviour and sleeping patterns in just 3-4 days and that’s why using the right baby sleep consultant can change you life in just a short space of time.

Is a baby sleep consultant medically trained?

You often read about paediatric sleep consultants and think they must be medically trained, but lots of sleep consultants have no medical background. And that’s OK – changing a child’s sleep patterns isn’t about medical advice; it’s about understanding how babies sleep and then using the right plan to improve that. In saying that, many sleep consultants are ex-midwives or ex-nurses but again, that shouldn’t be a pre-requisite for your choice of sleep consultant. At The Daddy Sleep Consultant, we have experts in toddler behaviour and child psychology and that is more important to us than medical background. In fact, we have worked with many Doctors who have had sleep challenges with their children and trusted us to fix these!

When would you need to use a baby sleep consultant?

Changing the patterns of a baby’s sleep is difficult; in fact it can often feel like a total minefield! There is also significant amounts of literature online which, whilst helpful in some ways, can be overwhelming and confusing. Add in some ‘friendly advice’ from neighbours, friends or family and you can end up trying a whole multitude of things without having any consistency and not knowing what works.

A good baby sleep consultant will help you have much more clarity and consistency. We will bring a unified voice because we have one view rather than a range of conflicting views you will find across the internet. This is also very helpful when parents also have conflicting opinions on how to make improvements – something which is totally normal. And whilst both parents might not fully agree with EVERYTHING a baby sleep consultant will advise them of, at least both parents should be listening to that one voice which is absolutely vital to making progress as children thrive off consistency. 

Are baby sleep consultants always able to help?

There are times that a baby sleep consultant won’t necessarily be able to help, but these are usually driven by underlying medical issues such as sleep apnea, swollen tonils or adenoids, or if a child has lower than expected melatonin levels for example. That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be able to make your lives better, but the expectations for the outcome would probably change as sleeping through the night may not be possible at that moment in time.

When we do the free 15mins consultation at The Daddy Sleep Consultant, we always ask about health of the child and find out more about the current sleep patterns to help us decide if we think we can help. We won’t take on clients we do not think we can help as it’s not beneficial to anyone. Overall though, the right baby sleep consultant will be able to help you in most cases – it’s just as important for the parents to be ready and committed for the journey ahead. 

How to choose the right baby sleep consultant for your family?

Obviously the answer to who the right baby sleep consultant is The Daddy Sleep Consultant! ? But, joking aside, who is the right one for you and your family given there is so many of us to choose from? Here are our top things we recommend that you consider when choosing someone:

  • The Rapport – have you met them in person or virtually? Did you have a good rapport in that initial meeting? It’s so important to choose a baby sleep consultant that you immediately feel a rapport with and feel like you can trust. They are going to make changes for you and it’s important to want to put your faith in them.
  • The Price – is it affordable? Is it the full price or are there hidden add-ons? What does the programme actually include for that price?
  • The 1:1 Support – what is their support model? Is there a limit on how long they provide support for? When do they provide you that support? Do they provide support same-day or is it delayed support?
  • The Reviews – what are the reviews of the baby sleep consultants you have been researching? Are they generally positive? Do any of the reviews relate to your current situation?


We are a sleep consultant based near London, working with families all across the South East, and other parts of the UK and Ireland. We mainly support our clients virtually but will offer our sleep consultant services in person in London, Kent, Surrey, Essex and other nearby counties depending on our availability.

We offer an initial 15mins consultation to allow us to find out if we can definitely help you. But more importantly, it gives you a chance to see if you want to work with us. If you want to find out more about the team, or check out our success stories, read through our 5* Google or Facebook reviews. Get in touch.

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