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See all of the resources below, including routine, downloadable templates, videos and the one thing we wish we knew about daytime sleep first time around.

Have a Newborn?

Here are our 4 top strategies to improve their sleep. These are the same strategies we used to help our two youngest sons sleep through from 11 weeks, in spite of having silent reflux


These routines are a guide only but are what we use with our private clients (over 1500 of them) the majorty of the time. Sometimes we need to tweak them, but it’s very rare.

Some points to note when selecting your routine age range and within the routines itself:

  • 4-5 month old babies have very short wake windows, much shorter than most people think.
  • Most babies drop their power nap (3rd nap) around 8 months, but this can happen as early 7 months, and as late as 9 months.
  • Babies up to 8/9 months may do 3 naps, if 2 of them are long. If not, adding in extra naps is the right thing to do – don’t think they only can have 3 naps.
  • Around 9 months, when the transition 2 naps is just finishing, babies often do 2 longer naps throughout the day. However, many fall into the routine you will see in the 11-14 months routine. There is no right or wrong here; it’s just what your baby prefers.
  • The vast majority of babies begin to transition down to 1 nap around 14 months, but it can happen as early as 11 months (hugely rare) and as late as 18/19 months (also rare). If your baby is down to 1 nap, the 15-36 months routine is for you.
  • The 15-36 months routine varies quite a bit as it’s a big age span. 4 hours from nap foinishing to bedtime is optimal for most babies under 2 years old. As they go over 2, you may see that start to increase 4 to 4.5 hours, and then maybe up to 5 or 5.5 hours until they start to drop their nap. 


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4-5 Months Routine

6-8 Months Routine

9-10 Months Routine

11-14 Months Routine

15-36 Months Routine

Wake Windows & Sleep Amount

Why our Wake Windows are different to all the other sleep consultants…

Sleep Training DIY – Helpful Documents For Your Journey

If you are thinking about making changes to your little one’s sleep yourself, you will see a couple of downloads below which will be really helpful.

Firstly, the sleep goals download. This will help you focus on what changes you want to make and WHY. The why is your driver to keep going when it gets tough, and your goals are a great benchmark to show the progress you are making.

The sleep logs is a diary template for you to record your little one’s current routine. Writing down their current routine can really SHOW you were the problems exist. When we are so deep in the trenches, we don’t often see clearly and having the current routine written down will give you some much needed clarity.


Live Masterclass – our 4 top strategies for better sleep

Watch Chris’ video below where he talks about the 4 top strategies for better sleep for your baby, including the ONE thing he wishes he’d known first time around.



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