Helping Your Baby Sleep On-The-Go

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In and around the UK and Ireland, travelling may be the last thing on everyone’s minds. According to an article on CNN Travel, many people are still hesitant to move around the country because of confusing rules over vaccinations and masks. However, the holidays are fast approaching and eventually, you will need to travel with your little ones. Aside from ensuring their safety, you need to prepare for how moving around can disrupt a child’s normal sleeping habits.

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For those looking for ‘Back to Basics Sleep Tips for All Parents’ we explained how a routine is an important component of an infant’s sleep cycle.


Having a routine provides your child with a predictable structure. They know what’s coming next, so they’re assured of comfort and security; for toddlers, routine sets boundaries that allow them to prepare themselves mentally. Naturally, travelling can break this routine and ruin their moods. Here are some tips on how to help keep your baby asleep, even if you’re on-the-go:

Some parents swear that their children sleep easily in a car, but it really depends — and you don’t want to drive with a cranky infant on board. If your schedule allows it, make sure they expend as much energy as possible before taking the trip so they are tired in the car. If they have a pre-nap routine you can also do that in the car rather than at home, as the act of getting into the car may disrupt their routine. It also helps to keep them in a secure, comfortable car seat. One tip from Today’s Parent is that there should be a minimal distance between the harness and the crotch buckle. This will ensure that they are secure and the harness doesn’t rub against their ears.

BABY SLEEP On public transport

Sometimes you don’t have a choice but to hop on a bus or a train — baby in tow. As much as possible, try to time your journey outside of peak hours and during your baby’s nap time; the rocking motion of public transit can help put them to sleep. If you have more than one baby it is best to invest in a tandem pushchair. The double pushchairs on iCandy show how tandem models allows one child to sit behind the other. This makes it much easier to manoeuvre the pushchair on public transport, such as buses and trains, as you will be able to get on without having to take your sleeping babies out and fold the pushchair.

BABY SLEEP On an aeroplane

Flying can be an intimidating experience for new parents, but most airlines do accommodate babies. If you are going long-haul, call your airline in advance and request for a bassinet so your baby can sleep snuggly. Of course, you will need to book a bulkhead seat (a row with no other seats in front) to reserve one of those. If possible, choose a night flight so you can put your infant to bed at a normal time; the quiet cabin, dim lights, and white noise buzz of the engine helps a lot. It is also wise to invest in the right nappies for travel, as a wet nappy will make it hard for your baby to sleep.
Pop-In nappies have a bamboo soaker which makes them extra absorbent. This will mean less changing during the flight, which in turn means they won’t have their sleep disrupted.

For more expert tips on getting your babies and toddlers to sleep in any scenario, work with us at The Daddy Sleep Consultant. Our bespoke training programmes and online courses can help you and your little ones get better sleep all around.



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