As parents of 3 boys, we know how wonderful but tough the newborn stage is. Even with our 2nd and 3rd boys – Rafferty & Malachy – we had forgotten how tough those first few weeks are for sleep deprivation – it hit us like a train again each time! But it can get easier from about 6-8 weeks.

Both Rafferty and Malachy slept through the night from 11 weeks and had been one on just one waking for a feed from about 8 weeks. This wasn’t through doing anything magical – it was simply from setting good sleep foundations that allowed them to start sleeping longer stretches at night time. We can walk you through those key strategies and what you need to do to get get better sleep without any hint of sleep training,



This is a 1-hour video call (with Chris) giving you everything I wish I had known about sleep before becoming a Dad to help you lay solid foundations for your baby. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have around sleep for your baby. This call also includes: 

  • Safe Sleeping Overview
  • Creating the perfect sleep environment
  • Practical tools to implement excellent and long-lasting sleep habits
  • Strategies on implementing successful daytime and night time routines
  • Our Newborn Sleep online course (worth £19) 



I really was unsure about sleep training but I can say hands down it was the best thing we ever did. From getting no sleep to being fully rested, energised and most importantly, having a happy, bubbly baby in the space of 2 weeks. Amazing! Thanks Dani for your plan and incredible support throughout. We couldn’t have done it without you.Joanna (Emily, 8 months)

We contacted Chris to help us with our 18 month old triplets. Bedtimes were a disaster taking 2 to 3 hours of rocking and pacing every night. With 4 under 3 we needed our evenings back. Chris was very helpful and approachable and adapted his plan to match our unique situation. We have our evenings back, all self settle and sleep all night. We can’t thank you enough.
Ruth & Anthony, Co. Wicklow (Méabh, Darragh & Eóin, 18 months)

Honestly incredible. No traumatic stories of crying and months on end of “sleep training” a wonderful bespoke, supportive plan. You get endless support from Chris, who is fantastic.
Claire & Mark, Leicestershire (Margot, 5 months)


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