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Is your toddler waking frequently at night? Are they struggling with day naps or fighting bedtime? Are you co-sleeping just to get yourself some sleep but would like to have your little one sleep in their own cot?

This gentle sleep training course helps you identify what is causing frequent night wakings and unsettled bedtime behaviour. It provides you with a gentle but effective day-by-day sleep training programme to help your child sleep through the night and get the right amount of day time sleep. I never use ‘crying it out’ and you will be with your toddler every step of the way as you teach them to be a content and independent sleeper.

If you feel you need further support, OnlinePLUS might be for you. You get access to the online course above PLUS a 30 minute consultation where you can ask any questions you may have. OnlinePLUS is priced at £89. OnlinePLUS is available to purchase here.

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Access your course at any time of day, via our Course Owner dashboard. Whether you’re at home, or on the move, you can work through the course at your convenience.

Upgrade to OnlinePLUS

Upgrade to our OnlinePLUS course and you’ll receive your chosen  course, in addition to a 30 minute consultation with our team. You’ll be able to have a one-to-one discussion and ask any questions you may have.

The course contains the following:

  • 10-day gentle sleep training programme.
  • Advice on how to setup your toddler’s sleep environment.
  • The importance of a bedtime routine and how to implement a successful one.
  • A detailed full day routine with clear guidance on when naps should be for little ones at either end of the age range.
  • It also helps you with common milestones such as transitioning to one consolidated day nap, starting nursery and much more.
  • It’s packed with videos and tools to make it simple to follow at your own pace.
  • A full Support Hub with FAQs and Troubleshooting.

What would it feel like for your little one to sleep through the night and have the right amount of day sleep? You can achieve this with my course.

NOTE: If your little one has already moved into a toddler bed, I recommend the 2 to 4 years course.

If you feel you need further support, OnlinePLUS might be for you. You get access to the online course above PLUS a 30 minute consultation where you can ask any questions you may have. OnlinePLUS is priced at £89.

(13 customer reviews)

13 reviews for Online Sleep Training Course - 12 to 23 Months

  1. Anna

    I didn’t think I’d ever get my twins to sleep until I came across this course but now they go to bed easy and sleep all night. This was a godsend.

  2. Lisa B. (verified owner)

    My 15 month old daughter was fully sleep trained within 2 weeks. Money very well spent!

  3. Naheda (verified owner)

    I bought this course for my 1 year old twins. We were having to rock both girls to sleep and they were waking up multiple times throughout the night. The online course worked amazing for us, within 3 days both girls were able to put themselves to sleep and if they did wake up during the night it didn’t take them long to go back to sleep. The course also helped us transition from 2 to 1 nap.

  4. Donna B. (verified owner)

    Absolute game changer I can’t thank Chris enough. Results from night 1!!

  5. Jess Cuerden (verified owner)

    Exactly what we needed at th perfect time. This plan literally saved my family. It provided the right amount of structure with the flexibility to suit my little boys needs.
    The additional support provided online and via Instagram has been amazing.
    I’d 100% recommend this plan to anyone with sleep problems with their child’s sleep x

  6. Samantha H. (verified owner)

    Before purchasing this course my 13 month old was taking 30 minutes minimum of crying to get to sleep, even with us cuddling & comforting him. And he would wake anywhere between 2-5 times a night for milk, or a cuddle and would always end up in our bed.
    Now he goes straight to sleep nearly every night after we leave the room, and sleeps through until 5:30 (we still have a little work to do on early wake up, but I’ll take that over really broken sleep!)
    We’ve even gone through a bad bout of teething, and bronchilitis since sleep training and he has slept through a still.
    I was quite skeptical to begin with and didn’t thing there would be any way that I’d be able to leave the room after putting him in his cot awake- but I can! It really does work, and although it was a hard 2 weeks persevering with the course, we didn’t feel at any point we were leaving him in distress. We were always there when he really needed us. Thank you!!

  7. Holly Auld (verified owner)

    This online course really helped us stick with what we had been trying to do and gave us some brilliant tips to add into our routine. We genuinely had improvement from day 1 and after just over a week our 17 month old was sleeping until 6/6.30. I would highly recommend this course if you’re in the same situation as us (baby doing a good chunk of sleep but waking too early). We had 17 months of very little sleep wish we had done it sooner!

  8. Claire (verified owner)

    Great program delighted. Seen progress after a few days even did a follow up call and a few days my wee boy was back sleeping during the night and no longer need us to help him to sleep

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Life saver. Has helped improved my little ones sleep, which in turn has helped mine. We are all so much happier!

  10. Emily (verified owner)

    Such a comprehensive, easy to follow guide that really works. While our 19 month old son was settling on his own for sleep, he was waking up to three times a night and I was feeding him back to sleep. I was dreading this transition but the guide gave me a clear plan which was easy to follow. On night eight our son slept through for the first time in ages and has done so since. We still have some early mornings but sleep has dramatically improved. Would highly recommend.

    • Chris (store manager)

      Thank you Emily for the lovely feedback. One thing so many people tell us is how simple it is to follow – important when you are sleep deprived! Thanks again.

  11. Lauren Davies (verified owner)

    I contacted the Daddy sleep consultant looking for some advice with regards to our routine for my 20 month old. Within seconds of speaking to him he identified possible changes we could make to our current routine that would help her sleep at night. We then went on to purchase the sleep training course to go along side these changes and together they worked wonders. Within days she was back sleeping 7-7 and we had some structure to our evenings. We would 100% recommend!

    • Chris (store manager)

      Thanks for your feedback Lauren!

  12. Emily Scott (verified owner)

    Honestly, bought this course expecting nothing. Like the hundreds and hundreds of pounds I’d spent on every baby sleep gadget/invention known to man before this. Lights, swaddles, oils, sprays, bubble bath, sound machines, and the rest… you name it, I’d tried it! I thought to myself, if I learn something, at least it’s given me more than everything else, even if my little boy doesn’t sleep still… I had lost hope completely by this point. Totally convinced that he was an anti-sleep activist who was sent to the world to preach to everyone sleep that was for the weak.

    My son was born spontaneously at 35 weeks. Since birth, we’d not had longer than a 3 hour stretch, ever. I tell a lie, once in a&e he made a liar out of me and slept 5 hours at 4 months old. As you can tell, that was marked on the calendar as it never happened again. The few weeks prior to buying the course, the longest stretch we’d had was an hour. Anyway, I was slowly losing my mind, sanity and myself as a person really. I’ve not been well physically either and this on top was soul destroying.

    I don’t say this lightly, but it has completely changed mine, my fiancés and my little boy’s lives. My little man when buying the course was nearly 13 months old but just below 12 months corrected age. He celebrated turning 13 months old by sleeping 8pm – 7am without a peep from him. Like not one. Obviously, I didn’t sleep; I went down to check on him 8 times because I thought he must be seriously unwell. Don’t get me wrong, it was initially really brutal. But something had to change and the course gave me the power and knowledge to do that without just shutting the door and leaving him scream and scream till he wore himself out. Over the past month, we’ve had the odd blip but progress is never linear. I’m still not used to it yet and my brain is still convinced it won’t last. Hopefully soon, I will get the benefit of being able to sleep without checking on him too!

    Day time naps are still a massive battle. He’s not perfect and it’s a nightmare with daytime sleep still. However, I have more rest to be able to cope with the grumpy, tired boy who won’t sleep well consistently in the day time.

    I reached out to The Daddy Sleep Consultant on Instagram as through the course I noted no mention of prematurity or corrected age. In addition to my son being early, he is also small for his age (still around 16lb – 16.5lbs ish) so was struggling with getting to bedtime even when he had the recommended amount of sleep during the day. They were responsive and appreciated the feedback and it was something they would consider looking into in the future.

    All that being said, the summary is this…
    If you’d have told me a month ago, I’d be sat here writing this, how I am now, I’d have laughed in your face, thanked you for your optimism but reiterated that it was never going to happen until he was at least 45 years old. Yet here we are, my son is in his own cot, in his own room and asleep. I put him in awake and he’s gone to sleep without my help. I think that, without anything else, speaks volumes.

  13. Anonymous

    Chris showed genuine interest in our situation and even contacted us outside the normal process to see how he could help

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