One-to-one infant sleep training

Personal sleep training with guaranteed results from the industry’s most experienced sleep consultants. Remove the bedtime battles with our gentle, nurturing approach & zero crying it out.

Are sleepless nights getting you down? If you want to enjoy your child again, win back your evenings and improve your family life, our one-to-one sleep training plans provide personalised support created to improve your infant’s sleep and wellbeing in just a couple of weeks.

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Our one-to-one sleep plans

We offer tailored infant sleep training plans for children from 5 months to 4 years, using our unique Comforting Through Change™ method and personal support from Dani or Chris.   

Our gentle, nurturing approach guarantees results in just a few days and a complete sleep transformation for you and your child in just two weeks. 

What will I achieve with a one-to-one plan?

Guaranteed results and a full night’s sleep

Improved sleep in just a few days

An infant that self-settles in around 2 weeks

Quicker, stress-free bedtimes and nap times

A flexible sleep routine that lets you plan and enjoy your day

Guaranteed improvements to your little one’s sleep

You can’t put a price on a happy, healthy family and a huge factor in achieving this is a good night’s sleep. 

If any of the below sound familiar and you feel like you’ve tried everything, we guarantee our one-to-one infant sleep training will put an end to these common sleep problems.  We proudly stand by our track record of never failing to deliver positive change for a family.

Sleep challenges we can solve

Early Wakings

Split nights

Long and difficult bedtimes

Challenging sleep regressions

Short naps and min daytime sleep

Sleep struggles caused by reflux

Breastfeeding to sleep association


Toddlers repeatedly getting out of bed

Multiple night-time wakings

Based on 212 reviews
Sarah Hedley
Sarah Hedley
We worked with Chris to help with the sleep of our 12-month old daughter. She was waking every hour and being fed back to sleep each time, and this was no longer working for our family. I was pretty unsure about working with a sleep consultant as I didn't think the plan would work well with her temperament and I didn't want to use unresponsive techniques. I needn't have worried - Chris was fantastic throughout. He was both kind and understanding, but also firm about what we needed to do if we wanted things to change. He developed a plan tailored to her needs and our preferences (eg, I didn't want to cut out all night feeds). The best thing about the plan was Chris' support on WhatsApp - he was incredibly responsive and it really felt like he was alongside us the whole way, helping us navigate the plan and especially what to do when things went awry. Working with him cut out any need for us to debate the right thing to do, we could just ask Chris and do what he said. It was amazing. We saw results from night one: she slept for four hours straight, which she'd not done since she was a newborn. There were tears, but fewer than we expected and we were with her throughout to support her. She now sleeps in her cot all night and for naps, and rarely wakes apart from her one night feed. It's lovely to see that she now seems to enjoy her cot and is happy to be there. We're incredibly grateful to Chris for his help, and would definitely recommend the one-to-one plan to others.
Natalie Gale
Natalie Gale
I used the 5-11 month sleep plan for my 6 month old baby recently and had great results. I started the plan because the night wakes were getting more frequent and I knew it wasn’t due to hunger. This was for our second baby and we had used another sleep plan for our first at 6 months so I knew that sleep training was something that had previously helped our family. I wanted the reassurance of having a plan to follow again, rather than trying to remember what I did for my first. I loved this particular plan as I found the approach to be really gentle, which made it so easy to follow. I found the rules around night wake timings depending on how many wakes your baby was doing, and all the details for the settling process stages so so helpful. I concentrated on day time naps at first and then tackled nights as this was what worked best for our family. The plan showed that this was possible, although could slow the training process a little, but we were happy with this. After a couple of weeks my baby was self settling for all naps and bedtime, and only waking once in the night for a feed. I was so glad I followed this course when I did as since then my baby has had a few illnesses (sooo many going around!!) and it’s made it easier for him to get the restorative sleep he needs to get better, whilst also easier for me to know when he needs help settling due to not feeling well. Before I wouldn’t have known the difference as he would have been fussy for all sleeps. I would highly recommend the sleep plan to anyone contemplating it!
Lea-Ara Lam
Lea-Ara Lam
We sleep trained our 9 month old under the guidance of Chris - my little one had just gotten through his sleep regression so sleep was tough, both falling asleep and staying asleep. In just 11 days he was napping and sleeping independently, with no night wakes from night one! I’m not a cry it out mumma so I am relieved I was allowed to offer comfort to my little one during the sleep training process. It was difficult (for me), but we are all better rested and much happier for it, especially my baby, so definitely glad we decided to go with The Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultant team. Thank you so much!
Namrata Sinha
Namrata Sinha
My daughter used to wake up every 2 hours at night for 9 months. We tried out the sleep program and we were pleasantly surprised with the results. My daughter now sleeps throughout the night! We could have never done this on our own. Chris pointed out all the things that we were doing wrong, and helped keep us on track with the program. He was very responsive throughout and it helped us tremendously. Definitely recommend this program!
Gaurav Dewan
Gaurav Dewan
Thanks to this program, my child is now well rested and energetic throughout the day. I can see a noticeable change in her growth and learning. This program works. And Chris is available day and night to guide you through it. A huge thanks to Chris for the amazing work that he does and I cannot more highly recommend him.
Ciara Martin
Ciara Martin
I've been following on Instagram since my 5 month old was born, and followed all the brilliant free advice. I also got the online plan and she is now sleeping all night with only 1 night feed. I've never had to leave her cry and she is so happy now and settled that she is sleeping well. Not to mention my own sleep. If I need in the future I will not hesitate to book a private consultation 😊
Ashleigh Mackenzie
Ashleigh Mackenzie
We worked with Chris (three week personalised sleep plan for our 2 year old!). It was an absolute pleasure working with Chris- he is super knowledgeable, but also kind and so understanding. Our little one was still feeding to sleep every bedtime and waking 3/4 times a night before we started the plan- within 10 days she wasn’t feeding at all (which wasn’t something Chris pushed us towards at all- just a symptom of her better sleep!) and sleeping through on her own. We achieved this without any significant upset, and whenever Mila needed comfort we were able to respond to her- which was really important to us! We cannot believe the results and thoroughly recommend the program!
Kamila Slavík
Kamila Slavík
Chris is a magician. We had previously worked with a sleep consultant for our daughter when she was 4months old. Obviously it didn’t work out and we were skeptical of embarking on another adventure with a sleep consultant. Relying on breastfeeding to sleep became unmanageable that we started to work with Chris. His support was invaluable, our one year old now sleeps 11h at night without any feed; Chris guided us for three weeks and we couldn’t be happier. His way of working is so empathic that makes everything come easy! Thank you Chris
Lynne McDonagh
Lynne McDonagh
I came back to the course a second time when baby was around 9m (having initially done it at 5m) after getting into bad habits of feeding to sleep/dummy with a summer of travel and moving about. I couldn't believe the progress within a few nights and by night 4 baby was sleeping all night! I really didn't think I could break a dummy/feeding to sleep habit, and you really have to stick to it which is hard when you are so tired, but it is worth it in the long run. Thank you Dani & Chris
I can not recommend Chris highly enough. When we first contacted Chris we had a 1 year old experiencing real sleep regression and would wake at about 4:30 every morning. Chris spent a little time discussing background information and getting to know our routine. We then had an hour long call where he detailed what he believed was causing the sleep regression and how to alleviate it. Chris said he felt he could get our child back to sleeping through in 9 days - it took 6 days! We followed his suggestions and the improvement was amazing. Within 6 days our child was sleeping through to 6-7am. A big thank you to Chris for his help.


Upgrade YOUR Package for just £100

With our globally renowned, fully supportive Premium One-to-One plan, you will be personally guided through the changes you will be making and we will be there to hold your hand every step of the way.

We’ll be there whenever you need us.

We know this will benefit you and your family by enabling longer stretches of sleep, improved daytime naps, and removing any bedtime battles in just a few weeks, with zero crying it out.

For just £399, you will receive all the benefits, expertise and guidance of the One-to-One Plan, with the invaluable addition of three weeks’ personal support, with unlimited communication via WhatsApp/phone/email during our waking hours (most sleep consultants offer only two weeks or a set amount of communication).

More than one child with sleep issues? Discuss pricing with us on the discovery call

We only have a limited number of slots for the premium One-to-One plan, which are released weekly, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Why choose The Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultant®?

Because when everyone sleeps soundly, everything else falls into place – stronger bonds, renewed energy, and a newfound joy in parenthood. We know the struggle as we experienced it when our first son Teddy was born and we eventually turned to a sleep consultant to save our sleep-deprived family.

Now, as leading global infant sleep consultants ourselves, we have helped over 5,000 families like yours reclaim their evenings and become calm parents with thriving little ones. We’re among the most experienced sleep consultants in the world, and we firmly believe we’re the best around. We even have our own Sleep Consultant training academy where we mentor other sleep consultants in the industry.

We want to work with families who are really committed to making a change, so we offer up to three weeks’ full support (most sleep consultants offer two); consider it an investment not only in your little one but in your relationship, your family and your sanity!  We don’t just improve sleep, we empower families and we’d love to help you transform yours.

Ready to say goodbye to sleepless nights?


If you are interested in a one-to-one plan, you can book a 15-minute discovery call to find out more.



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