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What Is A Sleep Coach For Babies?

A sleep coach for babies can change your life – really, we can. I remember when my eldest boy Teddy was 6 months old and we were just broken as a family. He wasn’t sleeping, constantly overtired, always cranky and his feeding was minimal, challenging and stressful.

My wife Dani and I were broken as parents and a couple – we weren’t the best parents we wanted to be: we were impatient with our gorgeous baby, we didn’t have any time for each other and we took our frustrations out on each other. As I said, we were broken as a family and that’s what sleep deprivation can do to you. It’s impactful to your physical and mental health.

Why Would I Need A Sleep Coach?

Improving a baby’s sleep is hard. Really hard. That’s why most parents are always talking about their child’s sleep, or lack of, with friends and anyone who will listen! Throw in the vast literature online of how you should get your child to sleep better, the often conflicting information, a bit (or lot) of sleep deprivation and no wonder it’s difficult. A sleep coach can help you make positive change to your baby or toddler’s sleeping patters.

How Can A Sleep Coach Help You?

We are here to change your entire baby’s sleeping patterns to help them sleep better, day and night. Will they sleep through the night? Maybe not straight away, but they will learn to self-soothe, they will sleep longer and better, their mood and energy will be better and they will likely feed and eat better.

Just think about what difference it could make to your life if your baby or toddler slept even 5-6 hour stretches at night? Or had consistent naps most days allowing you the chance to catch up on life, have a hot cup of tea or coffee? Or had easy bedtimes allowing you to have a glass of wine or beer, a chat with your partner if you have one or watch a series on Netflix? Bliss eh? If only… 

We have our approach, we have the knowledge of how a child should sleep, we have experience of the different situations a family will present and we will have our preferred sleep training method.

A sleep coach will bring you a unified voice that is often missing within a family dynamic. One parent has this view; the other parent has another view. It’s totally normal!

And whilst both parents might not fully agree with EVERYTHING a sleep coach will tell them, if they trust what they are saying they will have a leap of faith and then at least both parents should be on the same page. This is absolutely key to making progress as children thrive off consistency; therefore if they see one parent do one thing, and one parent do another, they won’t know what’s going on.

Put it this way, if a parent doesn’t know what they are doing, how can we expect the child to grasp what they should be doing? Again, this is totally normal and why a sleep coach can help you bring clarity, consistency, clear communication and ultimately a plan to improve everyone’s sleep.

How Do I Know When I Need A Sleep Coach?

Everyone’s “threshold” is different for when they may feel that they need a sleep coach. For some families, this might be when they are baby is waking just a couple of times per night; for others it might be when their child literally does not sleep day or night.

Families may also want to try their own adjustments or sleep training first; others may realise immediately that they would prefer the help and support of a coach.

Either way, it’s a very personal decision on when you feel like you need one.

Our advice is that if you feel like you can’t see when things are going to get easier, you feel like your baby is too tired to be eating well or their development is a worry, or you are struggling with your physical or mental health then it might be the right time to start thinking about working with a sleep coach. 

How Do I Find The Best Sleep Coach For Babies?

There are hundreds of sleep coaches out there working to help babies and families sleep there. So who is right for you? Again, this is a very personal decision but things you should consider when choosing your sleep coach:

  • What is their sleep training method?
  • Do they help you with night time and naps?
  • Is their sleep packages virtual or in-home?
  • How much do they charge?
  • How long does their support last for?


Having information on these key topics will allow you to find a sleep coach that is right for you and your family. You can find them through google searches, social media pages and also speak to your friends and other parents are classes and groups – you might be surprised at how many have used a sleep coach!

How Our Team Of Sleep Coaches Can Help You

Our team of sleep coaches are hugely experienced in helping babies and families all sleep better. Our role is to help and coach parents improve their children’s sleep, introduce sleep routines that work for their family and lifestyle and improve sleep for the entire family.  We can change your lives in just a couple of weeks – it really is that positively impactful.

If you want to find out more about how one of our sleep coaches can help your baby or toddler sleep better, contact us today or book a free 15mins initial consultation to discuss our 1:1 sleep package.

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