Increase your stretches of night sleep, improve daytime naps, and remove the bedtime battles and anxiety in just 2 weeks… without leaving your Little One to cry it out

Only £399, we will guarantee improvements to your little one’s sleep with our Platinum One-to-One Plan

Do you want to get back to enjoying your baby even more, and not dreading the nap and night times?

Do any of the below resonate with you and your child? 

  • Multiple night wakings
  • Breastfeeding to sleep association
  • Unwanted co-sleeping
  • Sleep struggles because of reflux
  • Early Wakings
  • Split nights
  • Short naps and low overall daytime sleep
  • Long and difficult bedtimes
  • Toddlers getting out of bed repeatedly
    baby sleeping peacefully on their back

    If you are nodding your head NOW is the time to book your call.

    We are Dani & Chris, founders of The Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultant® and as industry leaders in sleep consultancy, we’ve supported thousands of families to create routines that work for them.

    We don’t use the cry it out method, we have formulated our very own approach to sleep training for babies 4 months or older. Our method is so effective, that we now train sleep consultants on our Comforting Through Change™ method which guarantees results, providing you follow the steps we give you.

    Being parents ourselves, we know how important it is to get quality sleep, not only for your little ones but for you aswell.

    Book your 15 minute consultation to let us show you how we can change your life, by creating a routine that will transform your life long term, in a matter of days.

    But please note, slots are released weekly and are limited. We only take a certain number of clients each month so we can ensure you get the very best for you and your family so book now to avoid disappoinment. 

    What will you get with our one to one plan?

    By the end of our plan, you will achieve the following:

    • 1 hour video consultation with one of our expert sleep consultants and founders, Dani or Chris.
    • Full detailed analysis and review of your child’s current day and night routine over 3-4 days.
    • Identification of existing problems and going through the right plan on how to resolve them.
    • Bespoke sleep plan and full day routine tailored exactly for your family meaning you will get something that works for YOU.
    • Three weeks of UNLIMITED support via WhatsApp / phone / email during our waking hours which mean you have us literally hand holding you through these changes
    • Same price for multiples, e.g. twins, triplets

      What will your life look after working with us one to one?

      By the end of our plan, assuming you follow it as we ask you to, you will achieve the following:

      • Your infant will be able to fully self-settle, enabling longer stretches of sleep and quite possibly sleeping through the night (depending on night feed requirements).
      • You will be able to put your child into their sleep space and walk out of the room, leaving them to settle to sleep on their own.
      • A better daytime structure, improved napping and flexibility so that you can still have your child nap AND have a social life with them.
      • Confidence in knowing that you will be able to adapt to your child’s developmental changes.

      Now ask yourself how would it feel to get evenings to yourself, go on holiday and time back to invest in yourself?

      Although we truly believe you really can’t put a price tag on the benefits of a good night’s sleep (we’ve experienced it first hand), you can have it all for just £399.

      Don’t just take our word for it…

      Based on 223 reviews
      Vanessa Weiß
      Vanessa Weiß
      Thinking about what to write here is actually really crazy. We cannot believe how bad Valerias sleep was the first year before we started the 1 on 1 program with Chris. Our little one was 12 months old when we contacted Chris. She woke up almost every 1 to 2 hours during the night, crying, screaming and only falling back to sleep with breastfeeding. Bringing her to bed was such a fight … sometimes it would take me up to 2 hours and a lot of crying. My husband wasn’t able to bring her to bed or to calm her in the night. Therefore i had no freedom to leave the house or calm down in the evening. The day naps were as bad as the night sleep and we would have wake windows up to 5/6 hours. We would be soooo tired and exhausted all the time! Chris literally changed our life. From the first meeting on he was super honest with us and told us what would be possible if we change this or that. We bought Valeria a crib and switched from a family floor bed to our own bed again. When the 1on1 coaching started Chris held our hand throughout the process and answered every question we had. We saw the first improvements already after the first 2 days. During the 3 week process Valeria had problems with teething and Chris adjusted the program and slowed down the steps a little bit. We always felt confident and save. One week ago the coaching ended and we did the last little final step on our own. Right now we have a daily rhythm and lovely, enjoyable, easy bedtime routine. Valeria falls asleep on her own in the bedroom without crying. My husband can bring her to bed and i finally can go to practice alone. Since 3 days Valeria sleeps through the night from 7 to 7. it’s unbelievable how it feels being fully recovered and sleep uninterrupted! I recommend working with Chris to everyone who struggles with a not sleeping kid. His approach is soft and just feels right. He will gently guide you through the whole process. Thank you for everything Chris!
      Joanna S
      Joanna S
      I would highly recommend The Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultants. At the start of the year, I was sleep deprived and didn’t know what to do, we were still rocking our 13 month old to sleep and having multiple wake ups throughout the night. I had tried other sleep training programmes and they hadn’t worked, after watching some free workshops run by Chris I felt confident in their approach. The plan was very gradual which suited our son, it has very clear steps to follow which made it easy. Within a couple of nights he was sleeping through and now he self settles for naps and bedtime beautifully. Chris was so supportive throughout the whole process and answered all of my questions without judgement. If you are struggling with any sleep issues do not hesitate to contact them. I can’t thank them enough!!
      Robyn Shimwell
      Robyn Shimwell
      If you are thinking of hiring a sleep consultant look no further! We purchased the online plan, at the time Chris was offering a months support with the plan. Our little boy took to the gentle sleep training approach so well, we had a couple of teary nights but it took about 10 days and our little boy was sleeping through the night. It was a miracle! He hadn’t slept more than a 3 hour stretch in 6 months. Purchasing this plan was the best decision I could have made for my family. We are all rested and happy. Thank you so much Chris x
      Harry B
      Harry B
      They helped us out massively with our 6 month old’s sleeping issues. They were very understanding of our situation and needs in order to ensure we got the best results from the sleep programme that was tailored to us and our baby. We saw big improvements after a matter of days and it has stuck! The help and advice given “on tap” was a life saver if we encountered a tricky situation or if we needed any advice. We cant thank these guys enough!
      Claire Marlowe
      Claire Marlowe
      I was looking for something to help develop my child’s sleep without resorting to ‘cry it out’ or similar. have to admit I was skeptical about this working. However, after one night things began to improve. It was hard work and perseverance, but Chris was excellent at guiding us through. My child is much happier in himself now that he generally gets a very good nights sleep. I’m still working on day sleep…but that’s ok as now we’re all sleeping better at night I’ve the energy to tackle it! I liked how gradual and gentle the method is without being too slow. The progress does appear once you put in the work. I 100% recommend this!
      Priya Gaind
      Priya Gaind
      I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and provide some feedback on how the Mummy and Daddy sleep consultant helped improve my baby's sleep. First and foremost, it was full of expertise and support throughout the process. As a first-time parent, navigating the challenges of establishing a sleep routine for my baby seemed overwhelming, but your guidance made the entire experience much more manageable. Your personalized approach truly made a difference in understanding my baby's unique sleep patterns and needs. The empathy reassured me during moments of uncertainty and provided the confidence I needed to implement the recommended changes. Since implementing the sleep plan, we've noticed a significant improvement in our baby's sleep patterns and overall demeanor. The newfound consistency and predictability have not only benefited our little one but have also positively impacted our own well-being as parents. Thank you once again!
      Holly Wark
      Holly Wark
      Amazing results! If you have a baby that has only ever slept on you, your partner or in the sling and you are looking to change this, and support them in learning to settle and sleep independently, then look no further! We purchased the private coaching plan which was so affordable and I was kind of blown away at the individual support that was given. Chris answered any questions on Facebook daily and the bi-weekly zoom calls were invaluable, learnt a lot from listening to others questions and the tailored answers he gave us personally. Within the space of 3 weeks my 5 month old baby went from exclusively co-sleeping and contact napping to settling and sleeping independently in his own cot with only one night feed (which was our goal). He also hated the pram but we seem to have cracked pram naps with the advice given also. I could honestly cry with happiness. Chris has given me the confidence to know how to manage the different challenges that come along with baby sleep also. Incredibly grateful to Chris and this wonderful programme which have given us the tools to get our baby sleeping, finally! Thank you 🙏
      Sharina Munro
      Sharina Munro
      I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Chris for all his help and support. Before finding Chris our 9 month old daughter was waking up hourly every night since she was 4 months old. She is now sleeping through the night waking up once to be fed!! I am still in shock with how Chris has helped to transform her sleep. My husband was very sceptical and unsure anything would help our baby to sleep better. Well not only have you proved him wrong you have literally transformed our family’s sleep in no time at all. Your technique has been a game changer and we can’t thank you enough!!
      Aimee Smith
      Aimee Smith
      After several months of sleepless nights, I joined the online group that Chris was running on Facebook. He promised speedy replies to messages, zoom calls twice a week and an online guide. This was offered at a really affordable price. Remarkably, my little one started sleeping through the night after a few days. The last few nights have been an 11 hour stretch of sleep. Highly recommend.
      Sammie Martin
      Sammie Martin
      Came across this couple on Facebook offering a free three day workshop to turn around your babies sleep, and thought I have nothing to loose let's have a look and see. It gave me a great insight in to my babies sleep patterns and why I had some of the issues I had and ways I could start to improve or fix them. I was very dubious about sleep training as at the start my baby was only about 7 months and I felt, for me, I wasn't ready to try, yet. But they had a great offer with lots of support so I went ahead and purchased the online plan. My babies naps where horrendous, lots of crying trying to rock him to sleep in the pram, he'd stopped falling asleep while feeding, only 30 minutes at most, spending most of the day tired. He was waking multiple times a night, after a short period of being poorly and then Xmas, spending an hour or more to get him to sleep with feeding to sleep, putting him down and having to pick him back up again. It was too much, we needed to put the breaks on and try something else. So we bit the bullet at 8 months old and put the mummy and daddy sleep plan in motion, and in 2 weeks it has worked wonders, we get naps in his cot 1+ hour twice a day most days and one shorter nap before dinner. We no longer feed to sleep. We get to bed and to sleep in 30 minutes or less with little to no tears now (there were some as we transition through this) and naps are the same. He self settles, he hasn't just given up crying, because he was never left alone to cry himself to sleep, their plan ensures baby knows you are there for them. He never fell asleep crying/hyperventilating or anything traumatic for us or him. His sleep has done a 180 and more improvements can still be made with their tips and tricks. Best decision I ever made and I didn't make it lightly, especially with a big family and busy lifestyle!

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      Who are we?

      We are a husband-and-wife duo who have been where you are. We may have 3 wonderfully sleeping children now, but it wasn’t always like that.

      It started when our eldest son was only 6 months old and wasn’t sleeping. We were exhausted, we felt beaten down and when being completely honest with ourselves, we weren’t enjoying parenting the way we had hoped. And our relationship was strained.

      We knew there would be sleepless nights when we became parents, but it had become unbearable. We needed help.

      Since that breaking point, we transformed Teddy’s sleep, became sleep consultants, transformed thousands of families like yours and trained dozens of new sleep consultants through our Training Academy.

      Book a call to see if we can also help you with our Platinum One To One Plan.

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