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We are passionate about helping children and parents get the sleep they need, and providing the support to allow families like yours to thrive.

We offer a range of gentle sleep training from a personalised Transformation Programme to working exclusively with us one on one.

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A Gentle Sleep Training Approach

For all of our sleep programmes we use our unique and highly supportive sleep training method. Our unique sleep training method, which we have developed and evolved over the years, we have been successfully helping thousands of families worldwide improve their sleep without ever leaving their precious little ones to cry it out.

This method is flexible and can be used and adapted in many ways so that we can meet your sleep goals. Whether that is going as gradual and as gentle as possible, or whether it’s a more progressive approach to achieve much quicker improvements, our method will be able to achieve the changes you need, no matter how different your child is. We have worked with every type of personality, temperament and situation around so we have you covered too, we promise.

If you are struggling with your little one’s sleep, feel stuck in terms of how to fix it and can no longer continue on this path that leads to no improvements…

…then our Transformation Programme is perfect for you.

It includes ALL of the following:


  • Access to the best team of sleep consultants available
  • A comprehensive review of your infant’s current sleep issues so we can identify your existing problems and take them away from you
  • A 1:1 consultation with one of the team to deliver the right transformation plan for your little one which will achieve your perfect outcome, whether that be sleeping through the night or longer naps or more settled bedtimes.
  • Personalised and unlimited daily support inside our transformative and unique coaching group along with other parents who have been struggling just like you
  • The ultimate transformation to your child’s sleep issues so you can get back to enjoying parenting to the max

This programme is where you work directly with Chris on an exclusive one-to-one basis to achieve your goals in the most personalised way possible.

Chris is one of the world’s leading sleep consultants, has been featured in numerous mainstream media outlets, and has generated huge success for families across the world. He is also a coach and mentor to many sleep consultants throughout the industry.

Chris only works with a very small number of personal clients each month at a premium price, to ensure he is delivering the very best service.

To apply to work with him, click below. 

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