Co-founders Dani & Chris in the lavender fields with their eldest son Teddy

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Co-founders Dani & Chris in the bluebell farm with their 2 sons

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything?

We understand that when your child isn’t sleeping, it affects the wellbeing of your entire family.  As the UK’s leading baby and child sleep consultants, we have positively impacted the lives of over 5,000 families, improving their sleep, health and happiness.

We’d love to help transform your infant’s sleep and improve your family’s lives too.  We offer a flexible, gentle approach with our unique Comforting Through Change™ method, with absolutely no crying it out, and the experience and support to allow you and your child to thrive.

AND, we proudly stand by our track record of never failing to improve an infant’s sleep. If you entrust us to help you, we guarantee better sleep in just a few days.  Our sleep training plans are designed to be effective for every child – even yours! – regardless of how complex their sleep challenges may be.  

Chris & Dani 

The Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultant x

How can we help you?

We offer a range of gentle sleep training plans from online courses, to one-to-one plans for a select number of families looking for a highly experienced coach and the best, personalised support.

online sleep plans

5-11 & 12-23 Months

2-4 years

money back guarantee

the one-to-one

one-to-one consultation

a tailored sleep plan

30 min support call

the platinum one-to-one

one-to-one consultation

a tailored sleep plan

3 weeks of unlimited support

Comforting Through Change™

If you’ve tried every tip and trick on the internet and (like us) are opposed to ‘crying it out’, you’re probably feeling a little lost right now.  Sleep deprivation is debilitating and let’s face it, rather depressing, but there is a way to regain your zest for life without resorting to a harsh approach.

Comforting Through Change™ is our gentle sleep training method, which supports your little one on their journey to self-settling.  Throughout the training, you remain with your child while they’re awake but by the end of your plan, they’ll be independently settling themself to sleep.

We even offer a specific approach to improve sleep for co-sleeping families, whether they wish to continue co-sleeping or transition their child to their own cot or bed.

Whatever your sleep goals, we provide a gentle and nurturing approach that guarantees results in just a few days, and a complete sleep transformation for you and your child in just a few weeks.

Why choose the Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultant®?

Highly experienced, industry-leading sleep consultants

A gentle & nurturing sleep training method

Improved sleep in just a few days

Read our amazing 5-star Google reviews below to see how we have helped families just like you.

Based on 229 reviews
Ronan Costello
Ronan Costello
Went from a 1 year old waking every 40 mins to only waking up once for a feed! She puts herself to sleep every night now, we just lay her in the cot and walk out! Life changing, Chris is brilliant too!
Stephanie J-K
Stephanie J-K
Enrolling in the sleep training baby course was one of the best decisions we made as parents. The course provided us with invaluable tools and techniques to help our little one develop healthy sleep habits. Chris was knowledgeable, supportive, and understanding, guiding us every step of the way. Thanks to the 4 week course, our baby is now sleeping through the night, and we're all feeling more rested and happier. Highly recommend it to any parent looking to improve their child's sleep quality.
Nicola Lukins
Nicola Lukins
My 9 months old would crawl and scream up her daddy when he put her down to bed, all she wanted was me & to be breast fed to sleep. Months of dreading bed time, months of worrying about returning to work (shift worker) we finally took a 4 week course with Chris. Wow! Within days my daughter went down for the night with her daddy putting her down to sleep. She has now learnt to self soothe & only waking once in the night for a feed. Before the course we had to co-sleep! We have been given the tools from Chris to know how to overcome hiccups without it feeling wrong at all. We have a solid bedtime routine we all enjoy. Most importantly, my daughter is well rested and so are we. 100% recommend. Thank you Chris!
Roseline Walker
Roseline Walker
I cannot recommend Chris and Dani enough! We were in such a bad place with sleep! From 4 months our LO was getting progressively worse. Always relied on feeding to sleep yet would still wake up countless times, it was a vicious circle. We always ended up bed sharing or contact sleeping which was still resulting in numerous wake ups. Day naps were non existent and would only happen through dream feeding. Using their method and the support of Chris our LO is now in her own room, in her cot and is staying there all night with only one feed a night, she has even slept through on a number of occasions! She is now having most of her naps in her cot in the day and they are lasting anywhere between 30-90 minutes! The program allows for you to still practice naps in the car/pram so you still have freedom and don't need to be nap trapped! It has honestly been one of the best things we've done, we now have our evenings back and our bed! And I now have time in the day to catch up on jobs while my LO sleeps so when she does wake up I can focus all my attention on her. Our LO no longer feeds to sleep and now has the skills to self soothe, so even if things happen such as teething, sickness, regressions we know that our LO will still have those skills even if there's a little dip in sleep. Our LO actually got a sickness bug during the program and it still barely effected her sleep, we were amazed! We did the premium option in which Chris was always available to chat to via Whatsapp which was really helpful as we learnt so much from him and it allowed us to iron out any problems we were faced with. The method they use is great and promotes being there for your baby and not leaving them until they are ready and trust me you will know when they are ready! I've never been sure about sleep training and was conflicted about doing this, however I just knew something needed to change and I knew feeding to sleep was no longer working for us. If you're thinking about sleep training in a gentle and nurturing way then please contact Chris and Dani. Thank you so much for everything Chris! 🙂
Ciara Smiles
Ciara Smiles
The approach felt so supportive for our little babe and while it was hard work, we are reaping the benefits now! Chris is just a fountain of knowledge and was able to help with every scenario! Our little one goes to sleep happily on her own now after only ever being rocked totally to sleep and transferred, often unsuccessfully! Thank you :)
Jaz Teoh
Jaz Teoh
I'll shout it from the rooftops if I have to: CHRIS IS AMAZING! If you're unsure and still debating, I'll stop you right there and say - just book in. Not only was Chris empathetic, kind, understanding and fully knowledgable; but he was patient with my own personal circumstances and guided and supported me through the sleep training journey despite some setbacks from my side. I was afraid, I had my doubts about whether this would work and he put me at ease every time. My almost three year old now sleeps through the night after a few weeks working solidly with Chris 1:1. Post program we are just ironing out a few small minor early wakes now- but to put it into perspective I had a toddler that was waking every hour or two so this is really a huge shift for us as a family. Honestly did not think my toddler would be one of those mystical unicorn kids that slept through the night, but now she is! I would never even give a second thought to working with Chris again. I could rave about him for days. He's basically the best. Thank you Chris x
Lauren Davidson
Lauren Davidson
Chris is a wizard in disguise and completely transformed our baby’s sleep. Our 10 month old went from hourly wakes and two overnight feeds to 11-12 hours of sleep with no feeds within about 2 weeks. We had worked with another sleep consultant before but weren’t getting the right results. Chris was really helpful, pleasant to work with and was happy to respond to all our messages. We would highly recommend him.
Vanessa Weiß
Vanessa Weiß
Thinking about what to write here is actually really crazy. We cannot believe how bad Valerias sleep was the first year before we started the 1 on 1 program with Chris. Our little one was 12 months old when we contacted Chris. She woke up almost every 1 to 2 hours during the night, crying, screaming and only falling back to sleep with breastfeeding. Bringing her to bed was such a fight … sometimes it would take me up to 2 hours and a lot of crying. My husband wasn’t able to bring her to bed or to calm her in the night. Therefore i had no freedom to leave the house or calm down in the evening. The day naps were as bad as the night sleep and we would have wake windows up to 5/6 hours. We would be soooo tired and exhausted all the time! Chris literally changed our life. From the first meeting on he was super honest with us and told us what would be possible if we change this or that. We bought Valeria a crib and switched from a family floor bed to our own bed again. When the 1on1 coaching started Chris held our hand throughout the process and answered every question we had. We saw the first improvements already after the first 2 days. During the 3 week process Valeria had problems with teething and Chris adjusted the program and slowed down the steps a little bit. We always felt confident and save. One week ago the coaching ended and we did the last little final step on our own. Right now we have a daily rhythm and lovely, enjoyable, easy bedtime routine. Valeria falls asleep on her own in the bedroom without crying. My husband can bring her to bed and i finally can go to practice alone. Since 3 days Valeria sleeps through the night from 7 to 7. it’s unbelievable how it feels being fully recovered and sleep uninterrupted! I recommend working with Chris to everyone who struggles with a not sleeping kid. His approach is soft and just feels right. He will gently guide you through the whole process. Thank you for everything Chris!
Joanna S
Joanna S
I would highly recommend The Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultants. At the start of the year, I was sleep deprived and didn’t know what to do, we were still rocking our 13 month old to sleep and having multiple wake ups throughout the night. I had tried other sleep training programmes and they hadn’t worked, after watching some free workshops run by Chris I felt confident in their approach. The plan was very gradual which suited our son, it has very clear steps to follow which made it easy. Within a couple of nights he was sleeping through and now he self settles for naps and bedtime beautifully. Chris was so supportive throughout the whole process and answered all of my questions without judgement. If you are struggling with any sleep issues do not hesitate to contact them. I can’t thank them enough!!
Robyn Shimwell
Robyn Shimwell
If you are thinking of hiring a sleep consultant look no further! We purchased the online plan, at the time Chris was offering a months support with the plan. Our little boy took to the gentle sleep training approach so well, we had a couple of teary nights but it took about 10 days and our little boy was sleeping through the night. It was a miracle! He hadn’t slept more than a 3 hour stretch in 6 months. Purchasing this plan was the best decision I could have made for my family. We are all rested and happy. Thank you so much Chris x

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Who Are The Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultant?

We’re Dani and Chis McFadden, the UK’s leading infant sleep consultants (and husband and wife!), helping families get the sleep they deserve.

After months of sleepless nights with our first baby, we were at our breaking point as parents. Unhappy in ourselves, as a couple and as a family, we sought help from a sleep consultant and it transformed our lives. 

Not only did our baby start sleeping soundly, but he was happier and healthier. We also became the parents we always thought we would be; happy, patient and calm.

Now, we’re passionate about helping other families achieve the same sleep success and even use our extensive experience to run The Sleep Consultant Academy, where we train others to become sleep consultants.

An investment you won’t regret

We don’t mean to blow our own trumpets but we’re among the most experienced sleep consultants around, and we believe we’re the best there is. We also own and run a sleep consultant training academy where we train and mentor other sleep consultants in the industry. We want to work with families who are really committed to making a change, so we offer up to 3 weeks’ full support (most sleep consultants offer 2)., which is why our fees for the one-to-one plans might seem a little higher than some. 

Given our experience and success rate, however, we know no parent ever regrets the financial and time investment, when you can all enjoyand after all, you can’t put a price on a good night’s sleep to improve or the health and wellbeing of your family.

Dani has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology covering infant development, and Chris, born in Donegal, is the first qualified male infant sleep consultant in the UK & Ireland. 

More importantly, we are simply Mummy and Daddy to our three amazing boys: Teddy, Rafferty and Malachy. You can find out more about us here.

Our experience as parents, coupled with our expertise, empowers us to guide families towards a calmer, happier sleep routine. We’re committed to helping you navigate the challenges of infant sleep and experience the transformative power of a well-rested household.


If you are interested in a one-to-one plan, you can book a 15-minute discovery call to find out more.

Sleep FAQ’s

What does a children's sleep consultant actually do?

A good sleep consultant will change your life – it’s as simple as that. They will identify what changes you need to make to your child’s routine, give you the right plan to help your child self-settle and be responsive to any changes that are required during the support period.

Just have a look at our reviews – we set up this business to change family’s lives, and we do it every single day. We wouldn’t change it for the world.

How do you sleep train a baby?

There are many different ways to sleep train a baby. We focus on a much more gentle approach with our methods and if you are thinking about doing it without a sleep consultant supporting you one-one-one, we would highly recommend our online course. It will give you the structure to achieve what you want, in a more gentle way, in around 10 to 14 days.

Do you use Crying It Out or the Ferber Method?

No, we do not use these methods or any other methods where you leave your child to cry on their own to sleep. We always follow a gentle method of sleep training.

Which SLEEP TRAINING method do you use?

We use our own method Comforting Through Change™.

when should you start sleep training a baby?

We begin our programmes from 5 months. Many sleep consultants do it from 6 months for two reasons: 1. The baby will have started weaning and they believe that no night feeds are then required; and 2. Babies can be left independently from 6 months according to The Lullably Trust and many sleep consultants use Crying It Out or Controlled Crying methods where the baby will be left on their own.

We start from 5 months as we do not believe that night feeds should be stopped at 6 months and believe this should be a baby-led decision. Also, with our gentle approach, you don’t need to leave your baby to help them self-settle.

Do you sleep train toddlers? Or just babies?

We work with up to 4 year olds, though have also worked with 5 and 6 year olds in the past, depending on the issue. Whilst toddlers can be a little more difficult to change because they are often in their own bed and can leave it, the increased communication and language they have can offset that challenge. Never think your child is too old to change their sleep habits. Our 2-4 year online course or our 1:1 coaching programmes can help you change something you probably think is impossible.

How long does your sleep training programmes take to work?

The timeframe is different for every baby but we usually see changes in the babies we work with in as little as 5-7 nights. From starting to having a baby who self-settles, sleeps most of the night and has good naps is usually around 2 weeks.

Can you guarantee it will work for my child?

Whilst there is never any guarantee, we firmly believe that if you work with us one-on-one or buy our online course, commit to our approach and principles and be consistent with the guidance, you will see the improvements that your whole family needs. Our Google reviews are testament of this.



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