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When your child is not sleeping, it can have a huge impact on the well-being of your child, yourself and the rest of your family. We know because we have been there ourselves with our eldest son Teddy. As a mother I felt so much guilt as I was too tired to even get down on the floor and play with him.

After working with a sleep consultant and following a gentle sleep training plan, his sleep was unimaginably better in just a couple of weeks. It changed our lives so much, we decided to dedicate ourselves to helping other families in the same way.


“We found this course extremely helpful in teaching our 5.5 month old to self settle. We had night sleep improvement from day one.” – Angela

That dedication led us to developing 5* rated online sleep courses, using our highly supportive sleep training method called Comforting Through Change™.

There is so much literature out there which is conflicting and confusing. This course offers you a clear path to follow which is effective and easy to implement.

For ONLY £39, you will get lifetime access to expert knowledge, age-appropriate routines that will work for your baby, and most importantly, a day-by-day sleep training programme which will get your baby sleeping significantly better in less than two weeks.

Lack of sleep is all-consuming, emotional and draining, but it can get better.  Buy our course now and get better sleep for your whole family in a matter of nights.


“Exactly what we needed at the perfect time. This plan literally saved my family. It provided the right amount of structure with the flexibility to suit my little boy’s needs.” – Jess

If you are looking to work one-on-one with a sleep consultant, please find out more about our sleep package here.

Our one-to-one package is highly successful and highly supportive to parents.

We recommend this for families who are co-sleeping, need a tailored routine or know they will need some hand holding through the journey. Hand-holding is what we do best – you can have a read of our Google reviews below.

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Beth Shiel
Beth Shiel
The best thing we did since having our gorgeous daughter is work with Chris. Chrissy was co-sleeping (not by choice but necessity to all get some sleep) and since newborn would wake up 3-4 times a night minimum. We found it impossible to get her into any sort of routine and by the time she was 11 months were despairing. Chris’ calm and kind approach made us instantly feel at ease and supported. There was light at the end of the tunnel! With a really gentle programme, designed specifically for Chrissy as she loves affection, we were able to stick to the plan and overnight she was out of our bed. Now three weeks later, we’ve had almost 10 straight nights of full sleep (all three of us!) and can’t believe our daughter actually seems to love her cot and is a happier child as a result. Thank you Chris. You genuinely changed our lives.
G Hermy
G Hermy
Our 20 month old had been a great sleeper until he suddenly wasn’t. We were struggling to settle him, he was waking multiple times in the night and starting the day very early. We did a 1:1 course with Chris and he was amazing. He listened to all our problems and concerns and came up with an excellent plan that fixed all our problems. Having Chris’ support on WhatsApp for 3 weeks was also so helpful as we could ask questions and get support on the way. After the 10 day plan our son is again sleeping through with minimal fuss at bedtime, naps are back to normal and all of us are in a much better mood! We highly recommend Chris and the Daddy Sleep Consultant, you wont regret it!
Phat Phrog Studios
Phat Phrog Studios
Chris was amazing from start to finish, our baby was waking up 5 times every night and we were at our witts end but after the initial consultation with Chris i was optimistic that we would make some improvement, however i did not expect that she would sleep through every night which she now does. just make sure you stick to his program no matter how hard it gets. It does work you just have to see it through to the end. thanks again Chris, you're a lifesaver!
Charlotte Sweet
Charlotte Sweet
We are 2 weeks post our 1:1 support and we have had 17 continuous nights (and counting!) of 11-12 hours solid sleep at night!Austin was 10.5 months when I sought sleep training advice, he wasn’t a terrible sleeper, and had at times slept through on his own, but there was no rhyme or reason to whether he slept well or not. One night he would sleep through the next night he would wake twice before midnight. I also fed him to sleep for naps, bedtime and nighttime wakes, sometimes he would transfer asleep and others it would take an hour and a half and 3 attempts, those times were exhausting. Naps could be 30 mins or 2 hours. On the whole we were managing but in the back of mind I knew I needed to take steps so when I go back to work there was a pathway to make it easier as my husband would need to be able to do manage naps, bedtime and nighttime wakes as I do shift work as a nurse.After our consultation, Chris gave us a detailed plan. We saw a big improvement quickly, Chris gave us the tools and confidence to manage. One of Austin’s naps he woke after 20 mins I would never have dreamed of trying to get him back to sleep before, so when Austin woke up I had a ‘what’s the point of even trying’ attitude but followed the plan and was gobsmacked that Austin did go back to sleep!!!Night feeds didn’t worry me, but during the plan Austin weaned himself off. Since our 1:1 support has ended Austin has learnt to stand up in the cot in his sleeping bag so he has resisted some naps but we had the tools to manage it. I feel confident going forward to manage Austin’s sleep and have clear boundaries so we don’t fall back into old habits. Chris’s approach isn’t at all clinical, but kind and gentle and supportive and tailored to individual sleep goals.I spent hours trawling for a sleep consultant, I followed a zillion on instagram! Chris felt the right fit, the right amount of structure but also very gentle. I’m writing this peacefully as my son is having a nap!!
Nicola Bramley
Nicola Bramley
Having struggled for months with our 8 month old waking multiple times a night to be fed back to sleep, we contacted Chris for help.He set out a clear plan and made several recommendations which made a big difference right from the first night. The approach is gentle with no CIO involved and within days our boy was sleeping 10hr-11hr stretches overnight.His sleep has continued to improve and can now easily self settle if he does wake. Chris was always available to support and answer any questions as we went through the process.We’re very glad we chose to work with Chris and are all much happier now we’re getting a decent night sleep. Highly reccomend!
Rachel Swainson
Rachel Swainson
Having co-slept for a while, I really wanted to get my little one in his own room and cot but felt lost with how to do it. With the amazing help of Chris, this was possible within a week! It was a tough week but with a push from Chris to get me through it, my little one is now putting himself to sleep, without me having to go in to him till 7am! Game changer for both me and him, would highly recommend.
Lisa Payne
Lisa Payne
Our 2.5 year old was feeding to sleep, meaning that only I (Mummy) could put her to bed. She was also getting out of the bed 1-2 times per night and needed to be put back, also by me. I have found this to be quite restrictive, unable to leave the house between the hours of 7pm and 7am. It also meant that I have been missing out on putting our other 2 children to bed and reading with our 5 year old.Chris was recommended to us by a family member who had had success with sleep training their baby with Chris’s plan and support. We weren’t sure if we should go for it, but now we are so pleased we did and we wish that we had known about him a year earlier!During the 1:1 consultation with Chris, and through the plan and subsequent support, it was clear that Chris’s experience and insight was invaluable. He really got to the core of the issues that were affecting our daughter’s bedtime and sleeping.The plan itself was really detailed, clear and tailored to our family. It was great to know that Chris was on hand via WhatsApp if any curve balls cropped up and for reassurance and encouragement.Our daughter, although she is very strong-willed, responded really well to the plan and the new routine as it was gradually established. Chris gave us lots of tips on how to get her on board with and communicate with her about the changes that were happeningWe now have a happier, well rested toddler who is happy to go to bed and enjoys the bedtime routine with Mummy or Daddy. She settles herself to sleep within 10 minutes and stays in bed all night. She has even started napping again, after a few months of refusing to nap; working through bedtime plan has also given me the confidence to take back control of nap time, so she’s now also having a 1-2 hour nap every day. She’s so much happier now that she is getting more sleep overall.We cannot recommend The Daddy Sleep Consultant highly enough! Thanks so much Chris ☺️
Kara Lewsey
Kara Lewsey
We have experienced a complete transformation in 21 month olds sleep, now sleeping through the night in his own cot. The dream!
Jara Payne
Jara Payne
This is quite possibly the best money we’ve spent so far as parents. Our 11 month old was unable to put himself to sleep, waking 4-5 times a night and taking hours to get back to sleep in the night - from day 1 we saw results and within 2 weeks we were able to put him down in his cot awake, leave the room and he would happily put himself to sleep and sleep through the night. I still can’t really believe it!Chris delivered a gentle and achievable plan that was tailored to our son and our family/lifestyle. He clearly has a lot of experience in this field, understanding our specific issues instantly and giving us solutions, then supporting us throughout the process.Have recommended to many other parent friends, some of whom have already started and are seeing great results too.So happy we did this - highly recommend.
Courtney Stagg
Courtney Stagg
We contacted Chris at The Daddy sleep consultant because our 5.5month old was waking up a few times before midnight and every 3 hours after. He was waking up to be fed back to sleep each time. He would also only take short naps and would fuss and cry when put down. We had an initial consultation with Chris and he set up a plan/new routine for us to follow. Our original aim was to get down to no more than 2 nights feeds. Our little one now sleeps 12 hours with only one night feed which we will eventually try and drop! His naps have extended and we can now put him down and walk away and he will send himself to sleep! He has become so good at self settling and will go to bed/naps without any tears and is usually asleep within 10 minutes. We never imagined he could be so good at sleeping! And it’s all with thanks to Chris! He was always happy to answer any questions over WhatsApp or more calls/FaceTime and when we went to him with some problems we were having with the settling technique- he adapted it to suit us. We would 100% recommend the 1:1 for anyone that is struggling with their little ones sleep. It has definitely made a massive difference for us and we can’t thank Chris enough!
Chris the Daddy Sleep Consultant

Who Are The Mummy & Daddy Sleep Consultant?

One of the best sleep consultants in the UK, we are a family-owned business helping families get the sleep they all deserve.

We are also owners of The Sleep Consultant Academy, where we train people who want to become sleep consultants.

Dani has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology covering infant development and Chris is the first qualified male infant sleep consultant in the UK & Ireland. More importantly though, we are simply Mummy and Daddy to our three amazing boys, Teddy, Rafferty and Malachy.

To help with your child’s sleep routine, you can  either buy our online course or work with us directly on a one-to-one basis.

If you wish to work with us on a one-to-one basis, we will provide all the necessary support you need so that we can work together to ensure these are positive long-term changes. To find out more about our one-to-one sleep consultant package, click here.

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What IS Sleep Training?

Sleep training is the process of helping your baby learn to fall asleep on their own – also known as “self-settling” – which will, in turn, help them fall back asleep when they wake during the night (unless they need something such as a cuddle, feeding or nappy change, or are a little poorly). For toddlers, this is often more about the process of setting boundaries around the sleep process as often toddlers know how to get to sleep on their own, they just like to refuse and protest against doing so!

Whilst most sleep consultants will look at a child’s sleep holistically, i.e. daytime routine, sleep environment, stimulating activities and a bit of nutrition, sleep training is often a necessary part of changing a child’s sleep patterns, especially when an infant is unable to self-settle. So if your baby is unable to self-settle, sleep training will be the likely solution to changing this and improving the whole family’s sleep.

We understand sleep training can be difficult; we understand it’s not something every parents wants to do and that’s why we practice gentle sleep training. We also understand there are different methods, a whole host of sleep consultants out there and many conflicting literature – it can be a minefield for parents, especially ones who are sleep deprived. However, our view is that hiring the right sleep consultant with the right gentle sleep training approach can change your life in a way that you will never forget. So if you think you need help with sleep training, buy our online gentle sleep training course and start today.

Sleep FAQ’s

What does a children's sleep consultant actually do?

A good sleep consultant will change your life – it’s as simple as that. They will identify what changes you need to make to your child’s routine, give you the right plan to help your child self-settle and be responsive to any changes that are required during the support period.

Just have a look at our review – we set up this business to change family’s lives, and we do it every single day. We wouldn’t change it for the world.

How do you sleep train a baby?

There are many different ways to sleep train a baby. We focus on a much more gentle approach with our methods and if you are thinking about doing it without a sleep consultant supporting you one-one-one, we would highly recommend our online course. It will give you the structure to achieve what you want, in a more gentle way, in around 10 to 14 days.

Do you use Crying It Out or the Ferber Method?

No, we do not use these methods or any other methods where you leave your child to cry on their own to sleep. We always follow a gentle method of sleep training.

Which SLEEP TRAINING method do you use?

We use a mix of different sleep training methods which all involve a gentle approach. 

What is gentle sleep training?

Gentle sleep training is where you are generally with your baby providing support during the change you are making to their ability to settle to sleep. Non-gentle approaches include the Crying It Out or Ferber Methods, neither of which we use in our online courses or 1:1 programmes.

when should you start sleep training a baby?

We begin our programmes from 5 months. Many sleep consultants do it from 6 months for two reasons: 1. The baby will have started weaning and they believe that no night feeds are then required; and 2. Babies can be left independently from 6 months according to The Lullably Trust and many sleep consultants use Crying It Out or Controlled Crying methods where the baby will be left on their own.

We start from 5 months as we do not believe that night feeds should be stopped at 6 months and believe this should be a baby-led decision. Also, with our gentle approach, you don’t need to leave your baby to help them self-settle. 

Do you sleep train toddlers? Or just babies?

We work with up to 4 year olds, though have also worked with 5 and 6 year olds in the past, depending on the issue. Whilst toddlers can be a little more difficult to change because they are often in their own bed and can leave it, the increased communication and language they have can offset that challenge. Never think your child is too old to change their sleep habits. Our 2-4 year online course or our 1:1 coaching programmes can help you change something you probably think is impossible.

How long does your sleep training programmes take to work?

The timeframe is different for every baby but we usually see changes in the babies we work with in as little as 5-7 nights. From starting to having a baby who self-settles, sleeps most of the night and has good naps is usually around 2 weeks.

Can you guarantee it will work for my child?

Whilst there is never any guarantee, we firmly believe that if you work with us one-on-one or buy our online course, commit to our approach and principles and be consistent with the guidance, you will see the improvements that your whole family needs. Our Google reviews are testament of this.

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