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Newborn sleep plans

We are your expert newborn sleep consultants

We are passionate about helping children and parents get the sleep they need to thrive.

And despite the information out there, we do believe you can improve newborn sleep and get decent stretches from as early as 6 weeks with our 5 key strategies.

We offer 2 different sleep plans for newborns aged up to 8 weeks, ranging from an online sleep plan to a fully to 1 hour video consultation with Chris, our expert newborn sleep consultant.

Newborn Online Sleep Plan

The Newborn Online Sleep Plan can be accessed via our site and contains all of the following:


  • The 3 key steps you require to completely transform your newborn’s sleep.
  • Safe Sleeping Guidelines in line with The Lullaby Trust.
  • Key strategies to implement gentle day and night routines.
  • What is a sleep ‘regression’ and how to handle them.
  • Also covering sleep cues, hours of sleep, the sleep environment and much more.

Newborn Video Call

This is our 1 hour video consultation to improve your baby’s newborn sleep. We will go through all of the key strategies to setup incredible sleep foundations and improve any existing challenges you have. This is also available to expecting parents.

It includes all of the following:

  • 1 hour video consultation with Chris
  • Key strategies to improve newborn sleep (yes you really can)
  • Help with a feeding and sleeping daytime structure
  • Optimise the sleep environment and advise on safe sleep practices
  • Access to the online course for additional reading 




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